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Eviction Defense

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​We are a nonprofit law firm. Our mission includes making legal fees radically more affordable.

Being evicted means more than being forced out of your home. It can result in:

  • The court awarding the landlord damages for back rent.

  • A public court record that can interfere with renting other properties in the future.

COVID-19 prices. In light of the pandemic, we are committed to representing most eviction clients for a $300 flat fee.


For instance:

  • We can represent you in your court case before a Justice of the Peace.

  • We can also help you negotiate with your landlord to break your lease early, or otherwise secure an "exit strategy" from an apartment you cannot afford.

Video (40 min):

"The Renter's Guide to Eviction Defense"


Watch our instructional video, "The Renter's Guide to Eviction Defense," to learn what you can expect from eviction court proceedings in Texas.

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