Launching "Fair Chance Housing," for housing rights after a conviction.

ACLC is announcing our new program: Fair Chance Housing, supporting housing rights for people with a conviction history.

The Issues

Nearly one-third of the adult working age population in the U.S. has a criminal record. That is roughly the same number of that have four-year college degrees.

It is immensely difficult to rent an apartment in Austin for a person with a conviction history. A report from the Austin/Travis County Reentry Roundtable, gathered data by surveying apartment complexes, and found:

  • At least half deny applications from people with any kind of felony conviction.

  • Almost a quarter will reject an applicable because an arrest history alone, even if charges were later dismissed.

Families with these rental barriers are often pay pay higher rent for worse conditions; have greater reason to fear retaliation from landlords if they express their rights; and are more likely to live further from jobs and good schools.

The Solutions

  • Mass outreach and education about renters’ rights under the Fair Housing Act.

  • Legal clinics and impact litigation to enforce legal rights.

  • Organizing renters to civic engagement and exercising collective power.

Join Now to Support Fair Chance Housing

Support this program by becoming a $10/month sustaining member as a Friend of the Austin Community Law Center.

We are a community organization. We do the work that matters to you. Your support makes it possible.

You also get direct benefits as a member, including fixed rate legal fees and the chance to help us set our priorities going forward.

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