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Are you haunted by an old arrest? Eliminate your arrest records

The cruiser's lights faded. Your court date came and went. The whole bad experience is a wrap — except the record of your arrest is still following you. That record can interfere with job applications, rental applications, and more. Isn’t it time to put it behind you?

You might be eligible to expunge your record, if you were arrested but never convicted; or seal your record, if you successfully completed deferred adjudication or probation. (Read: "What’s the difference between expunction and nondisclosure?")

If you are able to expunge or seal your record, then you can stop listing the arrest on applications for things like jobs, housing, and benefits.

How can we help?

The law for expunging and sealing criminal records is complicated. We can help you navigate the process and finally put that old arrest behind you. Schedule an appointment today.


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