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  1. Draft a Will and power of attorney


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  • Adjusting child support (noncustodial parents)

  • Fixing your credit report

  • Expunging your criminal history

  • Applying for an Occupational Driver's License

At our weekend legal clinics, you will:

  • Get a convenient, 1 hour Saturday appointment.

  • Work one-on-one with a legal professional.

  • Pay a $100 flat fee.​​

Maybe you have heard of our free legal clinics, too? Those are different than the low-cost clinics discussed on this page.

Our free legal clinics are hosted by partnering organizations, for the benefit of people gathered together by those organizations.

Are you an organization that is interested in working with us to organize a free legal clinic? Contact us here so we can get started.

What can you expect from your appointment at our legal clinic?

The goal of a legal clinic is to help people who want to handle legal matter mostly on their own. A clinic appointment lasts for one hour. In that time, we will help you complete critical legal paperwork, and will give you advice and instructions for moving forward.


Scheduling a clinic appointment is not the same thing as hiring an attorney to handle your entire legal matter. But after the clinic, if you decide you want to hire an attorney to get more help than we provide at a legal clinic, you will have the option to hire one of our attorneys 


Should I have a will?

Yes! Whether you're young or old, everyone should have a will. A will that is written well can stay with you for the rest of your life. It will save your family money, and ensure your property is inherited according to your wishes.


Plus, if you have minor children, a will also lets you say ahead of time who you would like to be their guardian if anything ever happens to you.

Child Support

Noncustodial parents: "My child support payments are too high. What do I do?"

Texas law sets out "guideline" percentages for the child support a noncustodial parent pays. But if you lose your job or experience another event that lowers your salary, the child suppport amount you were originally ordered to pay might be too high now. If you're being sued for enforcement, or just having trouble paying your bills, we can help you adjust your child support obligation.

Custodial parents: "How do I set up child support?"

A custodial parent can set up child support by filing a lawsuit, but it is often easiest to apply for help through the Texas Attorney General's office

Criminal history

"Can I remove old arrests or convictions from my criminal history?"

Maybe! A criminal history can make it hard to get a job or rent an apartment. Many arrests not resulting in a conviction can be expunged (removed from your record forever), and many cases resulting in a deferred adjudication can be sealed with an order of non-disclosure.

Occupational Driver's License

"My license was suspended. Can I get an occupational driver's license?"

If your driver’s license was suspended or revoked (e.g. for a DWI conviction, unpaid fines, refusing to submit to a blood alcohol test) you may still be allowed to drive to work, school, or to perform essential household duties if you get an occupational driver’s license (ODL). 

Credit Repair

"Can you help remove incorrect data from my credit report?"

Your ability to get an loan or mortgage depends in part of having a good credit score. Your credit score is based on your credit report -- the list of credit payments you have made and missed. Unfortunately, it is common for your credit reports to have incorrect information which lowers your credit score unnecessarily. But you can improve your credit score by challenging the incorrect entries on your credit report and have them removed.

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