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We charge $100-$175 an hour, depending on your household income.

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Interested in saving more with an "à la carte" pricing model?


Scheduling for the first time?

All appointments are remote - by phone or Zoom.

Your initial appointment may be with a paralegal,
who will collect preliminary information about your legal needs
and give you a follow-up time with an attorney.

Family Law

Divorce, children (child custody, child support, adoption), and protective orders

Reinstatement of Parental Rights

If your parental rights were previously terminated by the Department of Family & Protective Services and you wish to have them reinstated


Court action to help heirs to receive their inheritance after a loved one has passed away. Includes declarations of heirship and probating wills.

Criminal Defense

For tickets and criminal charges

Expunction and Nondisclosure

Clearing your criminal history

Eviction Defense

If you have a set court-date for an eviction hearing. 

Renter's Rights

Repairs, security deposit, and other non-eviction matters

Drafting Wills

To draft a will and related small-estate materials like a power of attorney

TODD: Transfer on Death Deed

TODDs are an easy and inexpensive way to transfer a home to your chosen heirs

Guardianship for an adult (and alternatives)

Establishing a Guardianship and/or related documentation to help care for a loved one.

Special Education

Assistance asserting your children's rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Business Law

Create an business entity, including an LLC, LLP, etc.


Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Other Civil Law and Litigation Matters

For any legal matters not covered by one of the categories above


Do you want an appointment in American Sign Language (ASL)?

We regret that our Deaf attorney is no longer with us; however, we are still committed to serving clients with ASL. Please make an appointment with one of the links above, and we will call you through video relay services to provide a virtual consultation.

Are you an existing client?

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