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We charge $85-$160 an hour, depending on your household income.

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What are à la carte legal services? (Click to learn more)

We can help you learn, plan, and act -- at lower costs.

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Family Law. Let us help you complete your divorce or child custody case.


Tasks we can help with include:

  • Drafting or reviewing a petition, final decree, and more.

  • Gathering and reviewing financial documents.

  • Consultations as needed, on your schedule.

Business Law. We can help create an business entity (like an LLC) and review contracts.

Wills and Estate Planning. Draft a will, power of attorney, and related small-estate materials.

TODD: Transfer on Death Deed. An easy and inexpensive way to transfer a home to your chosen heirs​

Expunction and Nondisclosure. Clear your criminal history


What are à la carte legal services? 
They are a variation on the traditional attorney-client relationship, because you get to pick which services you want.
This "limited scope representation" is an increasingly popular way to make legal services more affordable.


For example, let's say you're getting divorced In a divorce, we could help by:

  • Confirming your paperwork is drafted correctly -- avoiding errors on your petition or decree.

  • Walking you through the technical steps like serving citations or setting hearings.

  • Organizing your financial records. Reviewing the other side's financial records.

  • Explaining your rights, so you know whether you're making a good deal.

Take charge of your costs.
With à la carte legal services, you control how much you spend, because you choose the specific services you need.

What does it cost?
We charge hourly rates, set
on a sliding scale based on your household size and income.

À la carte service also lets you set a “not to exceed” amount, to ensure your bill won't go above  the dollar amount you set.

Where? All over Texas.
We can help anywhere in the state.

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