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Affordable Legal Services

What will it cost to hire an attorney?

We charge hourly rates for most cases. Depending on your income, we will charge between $100 to $175 an hour.

The cost is determined by how high your household income is above the the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).


If your income is below 200% FPG, you might also be eligible for free legal services from other organizations like Texas RioGrande Legal Aid or Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas

How do I determine where my income falls
on the Federal Poverty Guidelines?

The Federal Poverty Guidelines are based on two things: (1) household size and (2) household income. 

To use the chart below, first use the left column to find your household size. Then go right along that row to see where your household income falls on the chart.

Tax Returns

You do not need to bring your tax returns or proof of income to your initial appointment.


How do you define "household"?

Household = Client​ + spouse + the number of dependents you can claim on your taxes.

We use the IRS's definition of dependent (learn more here, IRS Publication 501). 

How do you define "income"?

We will consider all the  income you reported on your taxes last year (or if your filing status was "married filing separately," the income on both your tax returns). That means your gross income before your taxes were deducted.


  • We do not count the the income of separated, estranged, or former spouse.

  • If your income has changed significantly since your last tax return, we will use your current income, but we may ask for check stubs and other evidence of your current income.

Am I eligible?

To be part of our program, your household income needs to be below 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG)


If we review your income and it is above 400% FPG, we will help you find another law firm that can take your case.

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