Our Team

The Austin Community Law Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our mission is to make legal representation radically more affordable, invest in a stronger community, and fight for justice.

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Brian McGiverin. Executive Director


Brian McGiverin is a long-time civil rights attorney with both nonprofit and private sector firms. He has extensive experience with complex litigation, and also with helping families handle their more routine legal needs in civil, criminal, and probate matters.


His past experience includes years being a partner with the Dietz, Lawrence & McGiverin Law Center; a staff attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project; and as a policy aide for Austin City Council Member Delia Garza.

Nida Din. Staff Attorney.

Nida has a BBA in Consulting and Change Management from the University of Texas and a JD from the University of Houston Law Center. Nida is the first Deaf, Pakistani-American, female attorney in the country. Nida is also one of the few attorneys in Texas that is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). She is very excited to join ACLC and practice family law, wills, and probate. She looks forward to providing legal services to the Deaf community through direct ASL. 

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Oriane Leake. Staff Attorney.

Oriane was born in France and grew up in Katy, TX. She has a BA from McGill University and a JD from The University of Texas School of Law. Prior to law school, Oriane worked in Appalachia organizing free healthcare services. Throughout law school, Oriane worked in immigration, criminal defense, and mental health law. She is delighted to join ACLC to put her varied experience into practice to serve clients here in Austin.

Amy Kamp. Paralegal and Legal Clinic Organizer


Amy has a BA from the University of Texas and a JD from the University of Oklahoma. She has worked as a journalist for the Austin Chronicle, where she covered local politics, focusing especially on labor issues, and as a community organizer for Fight for 15 Texas. She is the proud guardian of two extremely rambunctious dogs and one very laid-back cat.

Lety Montoya. Paralegal

Born and raised in Georgetown, TX, Leticia, Lety, left her hometown near Austin to a smaller town for her university studies. Living in the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and French with a Minor in Communication.


Coming back to her home city she is quite determined to help her community and see Texas move forward. She is also excited to work for ACLC and progress her career by attending law school in the future.

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Cassidy Story. Law Clerk


Cassidy is a 3L at the University of Texas School of Law. Prior to attending law school, Cassidy was a staffer during the 85th and 86th Texas Legislative sessions and an intern investigator with the Public Defender’s Service. She is a graduate of Baylor University.


During her time as a law student, Cassidy has served as the Chair for the Board of Advocates, interned in various District Attorney’s Offices, and clerked at a family law firm, which sparked her interest in assisting the community with their related disputes. Cassidy is excited to join the ACLC team and to improve her skills as an advocate.

Linzy Scott. Law Clerk


Linzy is a 2L at the University of Texas School of Law. Before attending law school he attended Vanderbilt University where he majored in English and Political Science. He is primarily interested in civil rights and immigration law. He is looking forward to working at ACLC and gaining more experience in the practice of law. He also loves cooking, watching the Atlanta Hawks, and reading

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Nina Hernandez. Paralegal.

Nina Hernandez was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Journalism, and spent six years working for The Austin Chronicle, where she wrote about music, film, and local politics. In 2019, she left journalism to pursue a career in politics. When she's not working, she is mangling songs at karaoke, sharing horror stories at Greetings from Queer Mountain, and wrangling her two rambunctious pups.

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Alejandra Spector. Social Worker.

Alejandra Spector is a master's level social worker, activist, writer, and podcast host. Prior to graduate school she was Director of Outreach for Mexicanos en Exilio; a non-profit dedicated to assisting Mexican activists and reporters gain political asylum while continuing to speak out against state corruption and impunity. She was invited to speak nationally and internationally about Mexicanos en Exilio and the political asylum process. In 2014 she was accepted to the UT Austin School of Social Work as a bilingual St. David’s Scholar. Her final field internship was with the YWCA of Greater Austin where she worked as a counseling intern and as a group facilitator for women at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center.

Jordan Reyes. Paralegal and Renter Advocate

Jordan grew up in El Paso, Texas, and graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Jordan is dedicated to advocating for renters' rights to safe, affordable, and fair housing.He has worked as a community organizer on a number of different housing justice campaigns in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. He is looking forward to gaining experience with ACLC to further help renters in need.

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Joelynn Avendaño. Instructor, Academy for Civic Engagement.

Born and raised in Brownsville, Joelynn moved to Austin for college and fell in love with the city and its communities. Most of her experience has been in relationship building, community engagement, and community outreach. She is a strong advocate for having community residents give insight into their everyday challenges, to inform policies and to be instrumental in activating community-wide strategies that will help with higher levels of advocacy.


Erica Anthony-Benavides. Outreach Coordinator


Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Minor in LifeTime Sports & Fitness from Trinity University, but eventually found herself working in education as both a math and science tutor and teacher for many years. She has always had an interest in improving the quality of life for people who have not been treated fairly.


Before she began working with ACLC, she took graduate-level classes in Education Policy and Research, was a co-chair for a legislative working group, and spent time as a campaign and community organizer. When she has free time and her cat isn’t begging for treats, she practices capoeira and music and studies languages.

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Amelia Lefevre. Bookkeeper.


Amelia has a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Rhetoric. She lives and works in Syracuse, NY. She serves on the Steering Committee of the Syracuse Peace Council and supports many local social justice campaigns.

Amelia is excited to support ACLC’s mission while balancing life as a parent, independent writer, and activist.

Aaron Johnson, Board President, has been a staff attorney with the Equal Justice Center since 2008. He specializes in employment law, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Tracey Whitley, Board Vice President, has been a staff attorney with Texas Riogrande Legal Aid (TRLA) since 1999. She is the coordinator of TRLA’s Economic & Social Justice Groups; Team Manager for TRLA’s Consumer Law Team and Elder Law Team; and Deputy Branch Manager of TRLA’s Austin office.


Nikhita Ved, Board Secretary, has been the Legal Services Manager at the nonprofit SafePlace since 2014. She oversees the legal department and provides legal representation and assistance to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Previously, she was a consulting staff attorney with the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and worked at the Texas Council on Family Violence.