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Attorneys are required to maintain our clients' confidentiality, so although the stories shared below are real, we do not use our clients' names and the photos are commercially-available stock art.


An older woman who relied on a wheelchair asked her apartment building to give her a lower mailbox that would be easier to reach. Instead, the property manager threatened her with eviction, which would not only have put her on the street but would also have jeopardized her housing voucher. We defeated that eviction, and she kept her home and her voucher.

A woman and her husband had immigrated to the United States almost a decade ago. She worked, but her husband forced her to hand over each of her paychecks, depositing them into an account he refused to let her access. When they argued, he broke plates and furniture and punched the wall. She wanted to leave, but had nowhere to stay, and he threatened to take their young children away from her if she ever left him. We helped her remove herself and her children from that abusive situation and begin a new, independent life.

An elderly couple had lived in their home for years. The husband passed away, but his affairs were not in order, and the bank began threatening to foreclose on his surviving wife. We helped her get quick access to probate court to ensure she would not lose her home, and eliminate the financial stress of her husband's passing.

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A young, trans adult stood at the edge of a bridge. A police officer confronted them, but when they declined the interaction, the officer arrested them for allegedly evading arrest. Worse, the young person’s initial bond conditions barred them from traveling to equine therapy, a mental health treatment. We quickly had those bond conditions modified so they could continue therapy uninterrupted, and later secured a full dismissal of the case.

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