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Support your community.

Over 40% of Austin households struggled to pay their bills. When they're faced with an emergency, they have very few places to go.

When you become a member of the Austin Community Law Center, your financial support helps expand access to justice, which is vital connective tissue for our our community. Every year, we save families half a million dollars compared to what they would have paid in market rate legal fees. Read about some of our successes. We were able to do that with the help of supporters like you.

Nobody should be alone when "basic human needs are at stake, such as those involving shelter, sustenance, safety, health or child custody."* Join your community of like-minded people who want to ensure everyone will have a meaningful access to the legal system.

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 Everyday, there are families in Austin afraid of losing their homes, children afraid of losing their parents to prison, and parents afraid of losing their children to divorce.

They deserve robust legal protection.

Member Benefits.

Giving doesn’t need to be entirely selfless. 


As a Member of Austin Community Law Center, you can rely on us to give you informed legal recommendations that can get you on the right track. Whether you need help with a family matter, want to understand the impact of new laws passed at the legislature, or navigate probate after a family member has died, we have lawyers whoanswer basic questions and help you take the next step. 


As a member, you also get access to immediate benefits for yourself, including:


  • Presentations about issues unfolding in the Austin community.

  • Special networking events.

  • The opportunity to request workshops for you and your group.

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