Get Involved

We want to work with you to make Central Texas a better place. If you want to volunteer, contact us today.


Opportunities include:

Litigation: Are you interested in fighting for civil rights? ACLC partners with law firms on strategic cases, and also refers cases to outside counsel. 

Paralegal Interns: ACLC offers paralegal students firsthand experience in both the law and in running a law office.

Research: There are many complex research tasks you can tackle. The subjects include both legal and non-legal matters. Examples include complex legal questions; comparing local government policies with national best practices; and identifying Central Texas issues that violate human rights norms. 

Development: Want more experience in nonprofit development, like writing grants, donation appeals, or planning events? We can use your help.

Outreach in the community: There are events all over Austin where we would like to connect with the community and share more about what we do. If you join our outreach team, you can help us by tabling at community or campus events, handing out flyers or brochures, and more. Help us get the community involved in the exciting opportunities ACLC is offering.

Contact us now to start volunteering.