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  1. Draft a Will and power of attorney

Coming Soon

Adjusting child support (noncustodial paents)

Fixing your creit report

Expunging your criminal history

Applying for an Occupational Driver's License

At our weekend legal clinics, you will:

  • Get a convenient, 1 hour Saturday appointment.

  • Work one-on-one with a legal professional.

  • Pay a $100 flat fee.

What can you expect from your appointment at our legal clinic?

The goal of a legal clinic is to help people who want to handle legal matter mostly on their own. A clinic appointment lasts for one hour. In that time, we will help you complete critical legal paperwork, and will give you advice and instructions for moving forward.


Scheduling a clinic appointment is not the same thing as hiring an attorney to handle your entire legal matter. But after the clinic, if you decide you want to hire an attorney to get more help than we provide at a legal clinic, you will have the option to hire one of our attorneys 


Should I have a will?

Yes! Whether you're young or old, everyone should have a will. A will that is written well can stay with you for the rest of your life. It will save your family money, and ensure your property is inherited according to your wishes.


Plus, if you have minor children, a will also lets you say ahead of time who you would like to be their guardian if anything ever happens to you.

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