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Rock Gala for the Austin Community Law Center

Join us for our annual Rock Gala fundraiser. 100% of your ticket will fund social justice.

In the first half of 2018, we saved our clients $51,725.22 in legal fees (read more in our mid-year report). Your support makes it possible!

Enjoy the music of Suze and the Boozers (Journey tribute band)

Mother Rukkus (classic rock)


We are also proud to honor Neesha Davé, Ruby Roa, and Chris Harris for their dedication to helping people and improving our community.

Neesha Davé Pillar of Justice Award Awarded for persistent, selfless commitment to human rights and social justice.

Ruby Roa Champion Award Awarded for longtime, front-line advocacy for individuals suffering injustice.

Chris Harris Rising Star Award Awarded to newer advocates who are making a big impact

Join us to help honor these great people.

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